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Read why I made this for you…

Hey Mama! There were so many times I had NO idea what I was feeling.

It came out in anger, rage and yelling.

Sometimes in grief and sadness, other times in overwhelm or guilt.

My goal is to be a CONTENT, JOYFUL Mom, like we all want. But Mom life is so hard these days and even as I write this, I simply asked my kids to put on their socks before we leave the house, and all I hear is fighting and arguing (also because they just ate chocolate and are on a major sugar high).

So, I get it.

That’s why.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a report showing which emotion you’re in the most right now. Then, if you’re ready to get the real root of your emotions, the guide will help you find the next right step for you as a Mom to heal from the inside out!

Much love,

Shauna xoxoxo